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Purpose / My Why!

My journey through life has always carried the theme of creating and providing meaningful life experiences. For myself, for the development and future of my two amazing angels: Dain (7) and Claire (4), for the persons I have the pleasure of knowing. My goal is to leave each person I smile at, shake hands with, love and conduct business on behalf of in a better state than when we met.

Dain & Claire are my reason for everything I do. Dain is an incredibly big-hearted human being; I have never met anyone like him. He watches out for his mom and loves so purely I can only hope to be half as amazing as him. Claire, only 4 and brings life to every room she walks in. She can make you smile and turn your day around just by crawling in your lap and singing a song to you. We all sit together and do homework, both Dain and Claire "helping" me. Every Sunday they know is a day when I study and they make it so easy - helping and participating even if it's just sitting on the living room floor and keeping me company.

My career is in banking, currently as a Branch Manager for Bank of the West. I get the pleasure of serving clients both individually and on a business level; more times than not watching some of their dreams come true!

The next step of my dreams is to continue my education. I am currently attending Northwest Nazarene University, finishing my Business Administration Degree. From there law school is my next step. The program, professors, and opportunities so far have been incredible! To keep this dream alive I need your help. Along with higher education come higher tuition costs. Please help me achieve my dreams!

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