Heather Harrington - Mrs.Ada County

Goal: $10,000.00

Donations: 6 - Raised: $5,512.00

Ends: Oct 16, 2014

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Purpose / My Why!

The Joy is in the Journey

My name is Heather Harrington; currently I am Mrs. Ada County. I am running for Mrs. Idaho in October, along with nearly 50 other accomplished married women from Idaho. I feel humbled and excited to have this opportunity to represent our great state of Idaho. The winner of the Mrs. Idaho America will advance to the Mrs. America Pageant. This is the 38th year of the unique tradition celebrating married women in the USA. I am proud to participate in the upcoming Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.

As a wife, mother of three children, and business owner of MaxGiving and GiveStorm, I understand the challenges and demands of raising a family in today's fast-paced society. Our business, MaxGiving, helps nonprofit organizations all over the USA and Canada with fundraising technology, including online donation portals, event management software, and donation processing services. GiveStorm is a social media fundraising platform that helps qualified nonprofits as well as everyday worthy causes raise immediate funds through the power of personal relationships. I am blessed to be involved with helping thousands of nonprofit organizations and their causes. Finding much needed time to grow as an individual can sometimes take a back seat to all of life's demands.

I have decided to run for Mrs. Idaho for many reasons close to my heart. Growing, reaching my potential, and knocking the ceiling off of my comfort zone are important to me! I want to inspire other women to improve our community through volunteerism and community leadership as I have done through my business and personal life. I find making life-long bonds with other women rewarding, and I am looking forward to learning and growing together through this experience. As someone who has always cared about my health and fitness, I have enjoyed working with the Mrs. Idaho America fitness team to bring greater focus on my health. I want to inspire women to reach for their potential and rejoice in life's little triumphs, daily. My joy truly is in this journey, and I am loving every minute of it!

Here's where your help is needed! Running for Mrs. Idaho costs thousands of dollars, and I am hoping to get some of my expenses covered by generous sponsors like you and share the joy of my journey with you. If you or someone you know would like to donate to my campaign I would greatly appreciate your help with achieving my dream of becoming the next Mrs. Idaho America.

Thank you!
Heather :)

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