Mrs. North Carolina 2020

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Donations: 13 - Raised: $420.00

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Purpose / My Why!

My name is Yani Fontenot-Dyckes, I’m currently vying for the title of Mrs. North Carolina 2020. I am a fun and vivacious wife and mother of 3 teenagers. I have been modeling for more than 10 years and graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2015 with a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management. I am extremely passionate about empowering girls and creating opportunities for them to grow and expand their Self Esteem, particularly those in under-served communities.

In 2017, life presented me with a set of issues that I felt would tear my life apart. Little did I know that this was my opportunity to forge onward and conquer my fear. As I peeled away the layers of fear that I had grown attached to, I found that I did not have a mature understanding of what Self Esteem and Empowerment was. This revelation led to a slow but steady path of finding out who I was and a complete paradigm shift in my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Suddenly I realized how important it was to love myself unconditionally. This is the same message that many of young girls need to hear. Self Esteem is not something that is taught in the traditional school setting and that is where I come in. I am on a mission to reach as many girls as possible and teach them the importance of Self Esteem & Empowerment. I am grateful to be in a position to share my authentic and empowering journey. I aim to inspire and empower girls to Break Barriers and Take Up Space by learning to use the power of their voice and the importance of daily choices.

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