Jennifer Schmidt Family

Goal: $8,500.00

Donations: 1 - Raised: $5.00

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Purpose / My Why!

Jennifer is someone special who has always put others first. Her generous heart, happy smile, and amazing HUGS has made a difference in so many lives and now it's our turn to do the same!
Many of us may know that Jennifer’s husband has experienced some medical issues and now has a lot of medical bills. As a wife, mother, and community servant, it is hard to see our loved ones struggle. Recently this family has had several expenses that are part of life but has caused a great deal of financial strain on their already max budget. Then family’s air conditioner is currently 14 years old and can not be repaired, only replaced. The cost is 8k for the unit. They have maxed out credit cards to pay for daily expenses which is why they need help. This GiveStorm donation center goes directly into her bank account to help with those expenses.
This money will help provide a way to help them cover the necessities. If this story connects with you please feel free to give any amount (every penny helps) and share it with others!
Together we can accomplish so much more! <3
Cheers to life, love, family and friends!

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