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Purpose / My Why!

Many of you know that I have been selected to represent Washington County at the Mrs. Colorado Pageant 2019. As Mrs. Washington County, I will be competing at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver for the title of Mrs. Colorado 2019 on March 30th. This is a major event and as you can image, I’m very excited!

I was sparked to delve deeper into this opportunity when it was presented to me for the sheer personal growth and challenge aspect of it! Having no background in the pageant world I was quite intrigued! The more I learned about the true generous spirit, encouragement to be the best version of ourselves we can be in all areas of life, the platform to share the causes and organization we are passionate about as well as the pure fun of hair, gown, fitness etc the more I knew this would be something “right up my ally”! As you can imagine all of the costs associated with pushing myself in this manner are significant.

I am passionate about encouraging others to let their light shine! I enjoy all things beautiful, thought provoking, strange and wonderful! I believe we were created to connect-to our deeper selves, to our Creator and to one another. I find value and inspiration in helping others feel beautiful and energized by finding their most vibrant authentic self, often through hair. I hope and strive to be a light to all those around me! I believe everyone has a very important story and encourage others to share- don’t hide your light!

Would you consider this opportunity to support me on this journey? I am seeking complimentary services and/or monetary support. As part of our sponsorship partnership, I would be pleased to promote your business by making on-site appearances as Mrs. Washington County and promoting your business I personally will also promote your business support on my personal social media sites. You are sponsoring me individually as I participate in this journey.
I would like to cover expenses and make a donation to the Mission 22 organization.
ThankYou for your consideration and support!

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