Bobby "Blade" Simons Funeral Costs

Goal: $12,000.00

Donations: 28 - Raised: $4,100.00

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Purpose / My Why!

A lot of people knew and loved Bobby "Blade" Simons. He was a son, a brother, 3 times a husband (lol), a biker and a very loyal friend, but most importantly, he was a father. I am proud to say that my brother and I were raised by a great man. A man who taught us many things, from how to change a tire and change your own oil to why we should believe in ourselves and work hard for anything we want. He was a man who recognized how important it is for us to learn our own lessons, and how to never give up. A man who tried to prepare us for as much as he could in the time he had.... but unfortunately, he did not prepare us for this. Flying his body home, making funeral arrangements, picking flowers, or deciding which urn to put him in, all of which are very expensive and emotionally draining.
Being a" Simons'" the one thing we carry in us is our pride, so as painful as this is to say, we need help. I recognize that this is asking a lot but we just want to bring our dad home and honor him the way he deserves. And as much as I wish we could, we cannot do this alone. If you are able to donate, any amount helps and is greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.
Whether you donate or not, I encourage you all to share this post with your memories of my dad. Stories, photos, inside jokes, anything! Let us celebrate and reminisce the sadly short, but vastly lived life that he had. He was so loved and will be greatly missed by so many people. Thank you in advance for your love and support.
In loving memory,
Robert Lee Simons, Jr.
12/26/65 - 08/10/18

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