Schelines Retirement Missions

Goal: $15,000.00

Donations: 1 - Raised: $10.00

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Purpose / My Why!

After nearly 50 years in full-time ministry Pastor and Kathy are retiring. Their retirement will be spent primarily with their grandkids, but they do have some bucket list missions plans.
Pastor had plans of having a place for Royal Rangers and their leaders to come and train and retreat. The barn fire of 2013 set those plans back. He would like to continue to host Royal Ranger groups and would like to build a small bunk house for leaders and small ranger group. Royal Rangers is about equipping boys for a better future.
Pastor and Kathy also desire to complete a few bucket list missions trips. Parts of Africa, Philippines and India are on their bucket list. They have always had a heart for world missions and want to be free to travel and bless missionaries with fellowship. We would love to have you give to their retirement mission.

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