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Daniel is a father of three young children. He works hard to provide for them. Every day he gets up early drops his wife off at work, his kids at childcare, and then he goes to work. He doesn't come home until late every day but sunday. He is a Home inspector, electrician, and handyman. A really smart and talented guy! He also volunteers a lot! he helps refugees fix their homes, he teaches first time home buyers classes, he is always looking for new ways to help others. He was even nominated for best small buisness person of the year! Like most of us Daniel lives paycheck to paycheck.

Last week, on saturday, Daniel was doing a service project, cutting down some dead trees on a friends back yard between 9am to 12noon. someone stole Daniels tool box out of the back of his truck. With no renters insurance, there is no way Daniel can buy new tools. This is the only way he can make a living. Daniel was worried about paying his rent before they were stolen and now he knows that he can't. He told me yesterday that he is looking at moving into an RV, pawning some stuff, and closing his buisness so that he can pay his utilities and still buy some necessities. He is also looking for a new job.
This guy is really good at what he does and I am heartbroken about this. He needs some help to stay in buisness. He said that the tools cost about $2500 (he itemized a list for the police report) and his rent is $500. This is a guy who wants to work, and work hard for what he has and he doesn't ask for anything in return. Please help in anyway that you can.

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