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Purpose / My Why!

Hi there! For those who don't know me, my name is Kelsey Pease and I have chosen to run in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant this coming October. I am honored to have been selected as state delegate Mrs. Canyon County 2018.

The Mrs. Idaho America is an eventful and exciting competition which recognizes Idaho's married women. It is the official state preliminary to the commonly known Mrs. America Pageant.

I have chosen to run this year as a way to give back to my community and myself. I have very recently separated from the Idaho Air National Guard, and am missing that puzzle piece in which I am able to give back to my community in a rather unique way. I have always been good at getting myself out of my comfort zone, and this is my way of doing exactly that! I've learned that in order to grow as an individual and become a better, more rounded person, you must at times push yourself to that very limit!

I look forward to the many benefits this pageant will, and has already, brought forth. I am extremely thankful for any donations and am more than honored to be your Mrs. Canyon County 2018!

Love always,

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