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Many of you know that last Saturday baby Nash suffered first and second degree burns on his leg, chest, stomach, and arm after pulling a cup of hot water onto himself.  Nash was transported by ambulance to Saint Alphonsus in Boise where he was initially evaluated by an ER doctor.  Then Nash and Stephanie were immediately flown on Life Flight to the Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit in Salt Lake City.  After four days and three nights at the Burn Center, the Morrisons were finally able to drive home.  

Most importantly, we are all praising God that Nash is ok!!  The doctors told Ryan and Stephanie that Nash does not need surgery and should not suffer any scarring from the burns.  Nash is currently doing great.  He is sleeping through the nights now that he is home and his medication seems to be thoroughly managing his pain.

We all know that even with insurance, medical emergencies aren't cheap.  While Ryan and Stephanie are so very thankful that Nash is expected to make a full recovery, the medical bills are still going to sting.  They are expecting out-of-pocket expenses of up to $9,000.  Let's gather around this amazing family and help them out financially - while also celebrating with them that Nash is doing so well!

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