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My Mom went to Heaven on Saturday, October 22. We are now trying to raise enough money just for the cremation. Of course we would all like to have a beautiful service in her honor, but at this point it is urgent that we just are able to cover the costs of the cremation, at the very least.
If you can please help our family, we would be so grateful. The cost of the cremation is approximately $2,000. Our goal on this site would be approximately $3,200 raised. $1200 was raised to help my Parents with expenses the last several months and has been used up long since. ANY help now would be so greatly apprecited ♡ Thank you ♡

****UPDATE****My parents are now in Phoenix at the Cancer Center of America. They are still in dire need of financial help, both for treatment, medical, and basic living expenses. Any amount of help is greatly appreciated.
This is my Mom and Dad, and they need our help. They have been generous and hard working all of their life, but are now in desperate need of help from others. They are both unable to work and have immediate need for financial help while waiting for Disability Benefits to come in; which, they were told, will be several months. My Dad worked self-employed until he was injured and had to be life-flighted out of the wilderness when I was a child. He still worked many jobs as best he could after, in spite of the pain. He is now older and his pain is more severe and his health is not good. He can't work. My Mom has worked all of her life, hard, sometimes 2 jobs. She went back to college around the time she was 50 years old to become a Nurse...and she did it. She has been caring for people non-stop, oftentimes double-shifts with no days off. She has always put others first and given all she had to all who needed. She needs now and I am begging that you might consider helping.
In April 2016, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was diagnosed in both lungs and her chest bone. They said it is inoperable, as it was said to have been in her lymph nodes. It is impossible for her to work and her income ends this month. My parents have no savings to fall back on. They rent a house that my Dad was afraid they could be kicked out of if the landlord finds out that my Mom is sick, as hers was the sole source of income, and it is now gone. All people should have shelter and utilities, but especially elderly and infirm people. Not only is the health crisis weighing heavily on them, but the fear of how to even survive financially is very real. There are no options for income, as quickly as they need it, other than this. As sad as worrying about the living situation and the health concerns, there is also a need to travel for care. The oncologist where they live will not even see my Mom. He is booked 3-4 months out, didn't see her when she was in the hospital, and won't set up an appointment to see her. There are other possible options available, but only if travel expenses can be met.
This plea is not only for financial help that could bring much peace so healing can be the main focus, but could also literally mean life and death in the difference in medical care as they have basically none where they are.
My entire family is absolutely believing for miracles in healing, but as we know, God calls His people to help the sick, the poor, and the needy and we are believing His people will answer that call and also that the kindness and compassion in all hearts will be sparked to help 2 people who so desperately need and deserve it.

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