Miss Northern Idaho Scholarship Pageant

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Purpose / My Why!

I recently graduated from Timberlake High School in 2015 with an advanced diploma of a 3.2 GPA. I was a 3 sport athlete in High School of cross country, basketball, and track. Now that I am graduated, I am currently enrolled at North Idaho College with a major in Psychology. I plan to transfer over to U of I next fall and double major into Physical Education for either teaching/coaching or sports psychology. Every day I volunteer at Timberlake Jr.High and tutor 7th and 8th grade students and I love doing it! I will also be coaching for track at the Jr.High as well which I am very excited about! The reason why I decided to do this pageant was because the director is my neighbor and she encouraged me to do this. I prayed about it to the Lord to see if this was something in his plan for me and he answered my prayers I needed so I am now taking part in this amazing opportunity. Having scholarships being involved is also a huge part in my decision as well because I am saving up money to go to U of I next fall and I know my parents cant afford all of the tuition. I want to be a light for the younger generation that whatever you go through, God will carry you through the storm and he has planned amazing things in our lives. I want to inspire kids to live a Godly life because what he has planned for our lives, its far more amazing that what we will ever imagine!

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