Secret Christmas Blessing for the Murphy Family

Goal: $1,000.00

Donations: 3 - Raised: $125.00

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Purpose / My Why!

Those of you who know Naphtali and Anthony Murphy know how much of a blessing they are in our lives. It's time for us to be a blessing back this Christmas, by providing this family with much needed cash to help cover their bills as they patiently wait for Anthony's military retirement to come in (which won't be until February or March).

Whether you can donate $5 or $500, the collective amount will be sent to the Murphy Family in Mid-December to help them cover any bills as well as Christmas presents for their precious little ones. What better way to celebrate the Season of love and Giving than by blessing this special family?!

Thank you in advance for keeping this a secret and for passing it on to anyone you may know <3

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