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Purpose / My Why!

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren's disease; I felt like life as I knew it was over, as do many individuals living with autoimmune diseases. Having a 20-yr-old son with Autism, I am also passionate about individuals with developmental and mental health needs. Three years ago I got involved with pageantry and it has changed my life! For me, it has given me the drive to become healthy and fit and in turn, become a health/nutrition coach to help others feel their best so they too can enjoy life to the fullest. Being a title holder has opened doors to socially spread awareness about the causes I support and become very involved in my community, and on a national level.
I compete as an example to others that in spite of having personal challenges, that goals can be set and accomplished-life can and does go on!
I love serving my own community through events such as Shine! Prom and volunteerism, but would like to take my platform nationally to empower and educate others. Please visit my FB page Mrs. Idaho US Continental, Joy Cameron.
I would be honored to receive your support to help with my traveling expenses to Orlando and for pageant weekend related expenses. Any funds not used for the pageant will be donated to my non-profit Shine!, Inc.
Thank You! Joy Cameron

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