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Purpose / My Why!

As Mrs. Pocatello, Idaho, I am excited to have the opportunity to represent the great city of Pocatello, at the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant on October 3rd, 2015. The Mrs. Idaho America Pageant is an exciting and rewarding program that recognizes Idaho’s married women and is the State Preliminary to the prestigious Mrs. America Pageant.

My service platform is centered around Anti-Bullying and my suggest solution is:"It just takes a simple act of kindness". My hope for this platform is to get as many kids (and adults) in our community doing "Acts of Kindness" and lighting a spark to want to continue to serve and to be kind to others. DID YOU KNOW, Bullying happens to 77% of kids in school (this is HIGH and SAD)? DID YOU KNOW that schools that implement a Bullying Program, it cuts down Bullying by 50%? That is huge to me and for the well being of our kids. By supporting me by making a donation will not only help my cause and raise money for my platform, but it will also help fund ways to educate and inform the community of Anti-Bullying Awareness. We all can do our part in helping our community and making it a better place to raise our kids, "It Just Takes a Small Act of Kindness"!

The Mrs. America Pageant is the longest running pageant honoring America’s 65 million married women. The Pageant was created to recognize one of America’s natural resources, the married women of the United States. I believe that we can help contribute and make a difference in our communities and I am thankful for the pageant platform in helping me do this.

I know you are often approached to support or sponsor community projects, so I would greatly appreciate your consideration and hope that you consider this one a priority. The funds that are raised will go toward funding my community service projects and toward my pageant fees. My goal is to raise $2000.

Sponsor amounts range from $25.00 to $500.00. Your sponsorship fee may be tax deductible as a business expense. All sponsors will be recognized in our beautiful program books at the pageant. If you aren't able to sponsor a dollar amount, but willing to donate services or merchandise, I would greatly appreciate that too! On my Facebook page I can auction them off to my local followers and use the earnings to put toward the sponsorship amount that I need to raise. Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

Visit my website at for more information and to see my current service projects.

Melissa Nelson

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