Jessica Bonar - Mrs. Idaho America Pageant

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Donations: 6 - Raised: $865.00

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Purpose / My Why!

Please help to make my dream come true by supporting my journey to compete in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.

As I talk to friends and family about "why" I am participating in the pageant the answer is simple, albeit deep. For the first time in my life I feel beautiful, truly beautiful, on the inside AND the outside. This pageant is a celebration of the journey that brought me to this serene destination of self acceptance.

The great pursuit of many women is that of TRUE self worth. We work to instill this in our children, and foster it in the ones we love. But often times a woman feels that she becomes the product of her negative choices. There becomes a point when that woman believes that she is stuck, forever in her spiraling life, with no options. I want all women to know that if you have come to a point in your life where you want to change your behavior, your bad decisions, and improve your life...that is available to you! You can CHANGE YOUR MIND & CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION! You can decide to be a better woman. You can become a woman of grace & beauty. You can become someone that YOU love! I am a product of this exact journey, and feel so blessed to be a woman I can be proud of today.

I am blessed beyond measure for the love and support of my husband, my two boys, and my amazing family. I ask today for your monetary support, that I might share my story with the world.

If you are an individual or family that believes in what I am doing, I would love your support! Please know that anything that you are able to give is a blessing beyond words for me.

If you have any questions regarding this, or would like to discuss sponsorship through goods and services, please contact me at

Help give my message a MEGAPHONE! Thank you in advance for your love and support.

Jessica Bonar
Mrs. Hayden Idaho

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