Handy Antler Muses Calendar

Goal: $2,500.00

Donations: 3 - Raised: $635.00

Ends: Dec 30, 2014

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Purpose / My Why!

A vision years in the making is halfway to completion: artistic nude photography with carefully placed antlers in nature. Sitting with the idea for a while has allowed me to take it to the next level and invite amazing photographer Emily Ann Jones from Tuscon, Arizona. Her style of photography which helps woman connect to nature through nature itself, paired with naturally harvested native materials turned into one of kind wearable art by Handy Antler Art.

Our art combined with the incomparable diverse beauty of Idaho is no doubt to leave viewers impressed. With having over half of the shoot finished, we are planning to bring Photographer Emily Ann Jones back up in December for an Idaho winter shoot where we will capture those winter months of the calendar!! Ideally we will find 3 or more models for the December shoot.

For $250.00, each model will receive makeup and hair styling, a wild flora headdress, the opportunity to showcase Handy Antler Art, and 10 high-resolution, edited images from the photo shoot.

Donations will go to printing costs, gas to shooting locations, food for models and the photographer. You can also choose for your donation to go towards a models individual shoot!!

Donation Levels:

$20 - Sticker and handwritten "Thank You"

$35- PREORDER of the calendar

$100 - Sticker, handwritten "Thank You," preorder of the calendar and signed 11x17 poster of model of your choice

$500 - Sticker, handwritten "Thank You," preorder of calendar and signed posters from each model

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