Alyson Likes - Mrs. Eagle

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Purpose / My Why!

I am competing in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant as Mrs. Eagle. It is my goal to be Mrs. Idaho America 2015. I volunteer in my community on the West Valley Little League Board of Directors, as a pianist for an Eagle/Star Children's choir, and share my message "Be The Positive". This is about being a positive influence in my community. I mentor women suffering with mental illness and adolescents struggling with self-confidence, and community members who need a positive example. I have a blog and Facebook page.

I am utilizing this website as a resource to raise money to help pay for pageant fees and wardrobe costs. My family is very supportive with their love, time and patience. They are wonderful cheerleaders and I am so excited to represent them and the married women of our community. It is my goal to raise all the money for pageant, so that I don't have to use our family budget on this pageant. I am grateful for all donations of any amount. I appreciate all the amazing support of my family and friends.

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